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Design Renovation "Reborn"
Design Renovation "Reborn"
Renovation is to make the existing buildings reborn by performing large-scale repair work and add a new value of performance more than the original buildings have.

As the years pass by, the function and performance of the buildings become out of place in the modern age due to decrepitude or revision of system. The function/performance which responds to the changing times is required. And without it, not only lose its appeal also severely diminish the value. In such case, we plus performances and functions that fit with the times and keep costs low while reusing the building. Change designs boldly and make the building value "reborn", rather than rebuild.

Specifically, ensure earthquake resistance and fire prevention, improve durability, support and improve the function of architecture, repair of the outer wall, replacement of doors and window frames, change layout, update pluming, air-conditioning and ventilation equipment, and so on. さTo top it all off, it is important to design from various view points such as purposes and location conditions, movement and flow of the people to be reborn as an attractive building. We harmonize every element, like functions, things, environments to produce fascinating and better spaces and styles. And this is our job. Our renovation is to plus "design of space" component and adds new value to the existing buildings, not to mention improving the function and performance.
[Renovation] and [Design Renovation]
Normally [Renovation] is used as a term for the interior renovation of existing buildings. The main purpose of renovation is to change the interior going along at the time and to return the aging parts to its original state.

"Design Renovation", however, is not to turn things back to the original state, is to add performance and function which is more than the original one. Although the scale of construction is bigger, it is completely different from simple renovation in the way of enhancing the value of the building.

To put it simply, Renovation is [Repair/Refurbish], Design Renovation is [Reborn].
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