Please call or email us. Consultation is free of charge.
Tell us your request or budget. If you have the land already or you want to renovate, we will have a look and survey it, if necessary. On this stage, we still do not charge you. We can introduce you a land as well.
We present the first plan based on your request by using 2D, elevation design, perspective model, for you to understand easily.

Will be charged 50,000 yen as presentation production costs when you do not reach an agreement.

Then we hear your opinion again and do a rework until you are fully satisfied.
When you come to satisfactory plan, we move to a design contract.
Design and supervision fee 8 to 15%, When contracting 25%
5.Basic Design
Create drawings for an application based on the plan we have made.
Not only architectural design, we also start designing structure, electrical, equipment and machinery equipment As we decide in more details we need your comments for the realization.
6.Execution Design
Create more detailed drawing using basic design. Design work is almost completed at this stage and number of drawings will be 50 to 70.
After execution design 25%
7.Contractor selection ⁄ construction contract contract
Ask a several construction companies for a quotation based on the drawing. As we check the quotes, we decide an appropriate company. Before having a contract we adjust a construction fee and correct the drawing if needed.
After construction contract contract 25%
8.Application for the confirmation
Submit the drawing to public institutions to gain building permit. After the application, it will be granted in 21 days to a month.
9.Start of construction ⁄ Supervision
Supervise the whole construction until it's finished. Go to the site periodically, we check whether there is any defect or things are going smoothly as the drawing. We will report progress to you as needed.
10.Completion ⁄ Delivery
When finished constructing, we have various checks by public institutions. As well as by the design office and the owner. If there are any flaws, fix it and deliver it to you.
After accomplishment check 25%
Even after the completion ⁄ delivery, we concern maintenance, etc. Please feel free to inquire.