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Company Name Architect Show Co.,Ltd.
Business Activities Planning & Reserch Design Architectonics ⁄ Supervision

House Design ⁄ Supervision
Mansion Design ⁄ Supervision
Clinics, medical facilities Design ⁄ Supervision
Commercial facility Design ⁄ Supervision
Interior Design ⁄ Supervision
Landscape Design ⁄ Supervision
Sign Design
Furniture Design
Establishment 28 October 1985 Set up Show Design Office Co.,Ltd.
28 October 2008 Rename Architect Show Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director Masahiko Sato
Director Tsutomu Naba
Qualifications ⁄ Membership
First-class Architect Registration Number 284168
Registered First-class Architect office Registered by the governor in Fukuoka 1-12648
Fukuoka Association of Architectural Firms
Fukuoka Society of Architects & Building Engineers Member number 0080002
Japan Institute of Architects Certified number 0502529
Japan Institute of Architects registered architect 20401994
Inspector for Postearthquake Safety Evaluation of Building
Architect Liability Insurance
The International Desgin Club
The International Association of Designers
Fukuoka Office 302 Royal Parks Daimyo 8-18
1 chome Daimyo Chuo-ku Fukuoka
PHONE 092-762-2100
FAX 092-762-2101
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